Marissa Mayer at Davos

Just watched the videos being shared on the web regarding to Marissa Mayer at Davos.

Marissa Ann Mayer is an American business executive. As of 2012 she is the president and CEO of Yahoo!. Previously, she was a long-time executive and key spokesperson for Google.

Here are some of my own notes together with ideas and highlights that were being shared by the interviewers and Marissa Mayer:

* Mobile to duplicate the money marker of search
* Search is a daily habit, and people do on mobile becomes a daily habit
* Yahoo has all the content that people use on their phone

* Search remain fundamental of what we do
* Search will focus on the user interface layer, wether on text or voice on the phone
* More highlights on personalization of search and presenting the results in different ways

* Personalization will replace search vs. the integration of search to generate a set of results
* The next 3-5 years will be transformative to take the personalization layer even further
* Different companies will do it differently

* Social Graph is fundamental as well to provide connections to people and interests
* Different verticals and applications adds more depth to the social and interest graph
* Other than the four horseman being said on the news e.g. Twitter is important as well

* Privacy is always something that the user should consider, but it’s also a trade off

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