Cool Tip From Phil Libin

Your mug, your identity.

The CEO of Evernote is becoming more interesting, influential and popular by the day. I certainly think his ideas are thoughtful and here is one of them that was shared on lifehacker blog recently.

Phil Libin: I think it’s important to have an identity mug. That’s a coffee cup that you always carry around the office so that it becomes associated with you. It shouldn’t be too crazy. You have to think really hard about this before you come up with the perfect mug that represents you. Now here’s the trick: as soon as you find one, buy a bunch of them and hide all but one. That way, if you misplace it, you’ve got several backups. It’d be a shame to spend eighteen months building up an identity mug only to lose it and have to start from scratch. Classic amateur mistake, that.

Pretty cool, isn’t it. Now where can I stock up my mugs.

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