Apple Only Needs One Cook

Well it only requires one chief cook.

An interesting read about Tim Cook on TImes magazine this month. I think Apple will do just fine having Cook taking the helm from Steve jobs. Apple has a strong foundation and the succession plan to have Cook carrying the company forward.

Here is a snippet from the story.

Like Jobs, Cook never shows any doubt in public, either about himself or about Apple, not a scintilla, not for an instant. He rarely strays far from his core message about Apple: that it’s the best, most innovative company in the world, that consumers love it and that it is his privilege to work for it and for them. When speaking about his management style, Cook begins, “CEOs are all packages of strengths and …” He hesitates, looking for some way to reroute the sentence around the word weaknesses. Then he finds it: “and so forth.”


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