Be Happy

What makes me happy right now?

I am thinking about this profound question after being alive and working for so many years, and then I realized that age has really caught up. And I wonder if the only thing that is keeping score with age, is the numbers appearing in the bank account. I am thinking about it and it gives me a certain feeling. Distasteful. But necessary. That’s what I thought.

So, I tried to reassess what I really want to do, and what really makes me happy.

Here are some ideas that came to mind.

I want to be free from things or even greed.

Not in the way that I want to trow my material things, expensive toys, fancy gadgets, iPhone, iPad, or even money away and be physically as far away from the sight of these things. But more on the idea of, I want to have enough, not a greedy amount, but enough to not think about it. Material things and money are just a medium so I can take care of the people I care about, and also for myself so that I could do the things I care about.

I want to travel and see as much as I can.

There is something about traveling that is so refreshing. Seeing other cultures, different kind of people, exotic languages, interesting food and vibrant colors from different countries all over the world. It excites me. It’s fun and educational for me. I like to learn and I like doing it more when I am half way across the world. It becomes very desirable and sexy for me. It’s definitely an attractive proposition in every way. Enough said.

I want to be relevant, interesting and useful.

So it comes down to vanity. Or just being self aware that on what’s important to you in the eyes of the world, or perhaps your internal view of the world inside your own head. There is a self interest to be part of a community that you admire and be counted as one of the contributors in the same arena. If I could provide a platform, great content, new ideas, and challenge a new voice of reasoning to improve what is already exist. This is my sense of mission and having others recognize what you do is part of being relevant, interesting and useful to others. It gives a deeper meaning to being alive, as part of a community. Without it, I think it will be lonely.

You aspire to do great things in life, but it’s not a privilege that is given to you, it has to be taken by you. If you are a force of good in this world, you don’t need permission to do what you must. Just do it and make great things happen. The force of good for you as an individual, is to be happy, and you don’t have to ask for permission for the very same reason. Make it happen and great things will happen to you.

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