Better than Zero

10% done is better than zero.

So I have been reading, meddling, working, developing and doing various work that I think are meaningful.

In the beginning, I realized I had worked on 10% of that process in whatever I’m doing. That’s a good start. That’s the amazing thing about kick starting, because it gets you closer to the other side. It’s definitely better than zero. That’s when you keep the ball rolling.

Keep it up and you will get to the next 20%, or perhaps if you move quicker, then you can achieve that progress in multiples percentages. Eventually, you will be getting closer till you reach somewhere. The amazing thing is that you will see some interesting things happen even before you reach to the point of completion.

You don’t have to wait that long before you start to see it, your work will begin to bloom and you will realized the real potential of your hard work. Then you realized it all started from the first 10%, and it continued to grow with the commitment and lessons of sticking to it. It’s better than zero. You will not regret it, just dip your toes and find your feet.

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