Carry On Like A Tourist

Sticking to the plan despite how you are feeling.

I ddi what I wanted to do for the day, despite feeling a little bit tired and uninspired due to some other external challenges in life. I decided to stick to the plan even if I was not in the mood. Hence, I think that is the right attitude. Good stuff. I am sticking to this. It reminded me, it’s not always going to be easy all the time, but you just got to try to keep going.

There are times when you feel things are getting difficult, but you must learn to stay on track. You have to keep on going and keep things moving. Don’t be a rock sitting on the trail and not doing anything. You might be sitting still, but the world continues to spin with or without you. In fact, if you want to behave like a rock, you are not just being an obstacle in this chosen track in life, but sometimes you might become an obstacle to others behind you.

So today, I explored my own city like a tourist, and I decided to happily blend in with other tourists at those popular tourist spots. I tasted food that other tourists were eating and captured pictures just like how other tourists were taking. That was an interesting activity, as how the tourists experienced exploring my city with such curiosity to the things they see and enjoying the new experience; I am too feeling immersed into that same feeling and having the same but different sensation. It’s a very different perception and I felt a new appreciation to the city that I am living in. A feeling I rarely had and for a very long time.

And the rest of the day continued as planned. Everything fell into place, no doubt not always, but stick to the plan as much as you can. Remember don’t become a rock and then become an obstacle to yourself and others. Life goes on, and you just have to look forward, and don’t look back. Trust your instincts or at least have faith with your own feet. After all, they exist for a reason.

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