Cautious with BlackBerry

The new RIM’s BlackBerry 10 is launching soon.

I would imagine it has been quite awhile since anyone has been this excited for BlackBerry’s latest handsets. The company has been struggling with innovation and growth in the smartphones marketplace especially with tough competitors like Apple, Android and Microsoft pushing really aggressively towards dominating the whole market. In fact, recent figures have reported that Apple and Samsung together dominate about 98% of smartphones profits. That doesn’t leave much for its competition.

Also, I have noticed that many people including the media have been very cautious about the upcoming BlackBerry 10, at least from the editorial standpoint. It seems like they are using quotes to reference the optimistic expressions of the matter. Wether BlackBerry 10 becomes a hit or not, a lot of people including investors will be keen to know the future of the company and its prospect for growth. If BlackBerry 10 is truly successful, it will be one of the most interesting and exciting turnarounds in business. So, let’s see what happens next.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 4.57.20 PM

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