Comparing With Rocks Could Make You Happy

Are you comparing to your left or right?

Apparently you are a rock. A very peculiar but a certain size of rock. That size represents your pride, your social status, your fortune, your vanity and your outlook in life. But not to worry because you are not alone. On your left is another rock, but it’s size is smaller than you. If that rock compares itself to you, then it seems to be feeling a bit smaller and perhaps envious of you from now and then.

Then there is another rock on your right. That rock is significantly much larger than your own. That rock on the right is more confident and pride itself for its size. You don’t think about it but sometimes it will bother you when people start comparing both of you. Now you have two rocks between you. So if you are asked to compare with both of the left and the right, then who do you want to compare yourself to? Which will you choose and how will you make your choice? Which choice will make you happier? Look left or right?

Life is full of rocks scattered around us and you are often put into situations when you make comparisons. It happens in your application forms, when you want to apply for a loan, when you apply to enter into a good university, when you apply for a job, when you try to court for a new relationship and more. All these will happen because you are different and it will make you feel good or bad about yourself. Sometimes comparisons will make you feel more proud and sometimes it will make you feel less about yourself. But you know deep inside, you should not be feeling that way.

But if you see comparison as a way to make you feel more competitive in a way that helps you improve yourself, then that’s a good thing. And sometimes it will also help you feel more grateful about what you already have as there are many other rocks in the world that are much smaller than yours. It’s not for ego boosting if you so happen to be larger than others, but it’s for a sign that you should be grateful. So you have a reason to be grateful today.

Does the size really matter, it’s really a matter of perspective.

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