Day One

Living on day one.

There is something about day one that resonates well about living life to the fullest. Or simply living each day at a time.

A short story idea came to my mind, when I was randomly pondering on that thought. This is the story about a guy, who woke up one day, realized it could be an ordinary day, but somehow it felt different. He flashes back on his more cheerful, playful and mundane days with his friends and family. It depicts how ordinary and casually happy life could be when you were younger. Life can be simple in that sense. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We wake up, we study, we work, we play, we eat, we chat, and we watch some television, and maybe have some supper before we sleep.

That’s how we call it a day, at least that’s how it used to be for this guy. He picked up some letters from his closet. Dusty and messy. But he found the box where he put all his memories, and previous memorable items that he collected in his life thus far. There were letters that he wrote to his father, as he didn’t manage to see much of each other when his father was still alive. These letters were never sent out. So his eyes became soaked with tears, as he remembered, but those precious memories were slowly fading away and becoming blur. But he can still remember and hear it in his own head, there were sounds of arguments, laughter, and joy. But those were moments of the past.

So he went to the bath room to wash his face and to let his tears wash away, so he could focus on what he needed to do. Looking into his own eyes on the mirror in front of him. Not overly bad looking, but in fact, he was a decently good looking bloke. He felt determined that he was going to accomplish the day. Before he left, he sticked a post it note onto the mirror. It reads, “Day One” . And so it begins.

The plot of the story is about this memorable but one single day. Where this guy decided to explore everything that he wanted to do, but he had always gave excuse to do it another time or another day. Another time or day, it often never happens when people keeps procrastinating and postponing things that matter in life. So, he decided he is going to do it all in one day. To become a photographer, not a novice one, but pretending to be a professional photographer, just like the ones you see on television. He had a challenging time navigating the skills, but his talent to capture fantastic pictures and life moments, was an amazement. With sheer luck, he managed to meet someone special that same day. It was a real spark and the feelings definitely became mutual. The day seemed longer somehow and it felt like the sun decided not to set that day. They spent so much time talking, laughing, eating and keeping each other company. It was a long and romantic moment until the guy pulled back his softer emotions. It was indeed odd, but he knew that it has to be done. It was for an unknown reason. Just like how amazing the relationship built in one day, it almost seem like it could climax with perhaps one kiss, but it didn’t happen.

The kiss was probably their first, and the last. They found and broke a relationship in one day. The girl was of course heart broken and left confused. But the next day, she confronted him and realized a terrible secret. The guy was diagnosed with an illness. Heart aches are usually cured with time, but the human body is still a mystery for some illnesses that are terribly unforgiving. The story continued and we will find out how they manage to find love if they the story finds its own way to make it happen, will the girl find a way to reach out to this guy, or will the guy find a way to rekindle the mutual feelings that they shared. Perhaps, but they will have to take one day at a time.

The future is uncertain, but today if we are alive, then it’s up to you or both of you. How long do you think life is. We are here for just a very brief moment, so allow yourself with joy.

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