Friday Shorts: Dot Adams #2

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Chapter 3

It’s a magical morning. I can just tell.

It has been probably a month since I got back to the house. There are still stuffs to unpack and to get organized, but probably a lot of my old items are outdated. I will just have to find the time to get rid of it.

I would imagine that I have enough of sleeping after been asleep for more than five years. But it’s a lazy Sunday morning and my first day of going back to school is tomorrow. So I decided that I can stretch my legs and hands a little bit later. But I am starting to feel curious and hungry again. I look at the clock next to my bed. Great, it’s almost lunch time.


That wasn’t the clock. It’s my Facebook notification alert.

Someone has just added you as a friend.

That’s interesting. I haven’t been out that much and I don’t think I have made any friends just yet.

Julia Hill, age 17.

Perfect. She’s my age. Her picture is taken from a party and it looks like she has a fake mustache when she was partying. Now, that definitely made me more curious.

There is a message on it too. I click anxiously to find out.
“Hi Matt, I bump onto your page and I thought your mustache is quite cute and rivaled to mine.”

Right. I didn’t have any profile picture taken so I just use a random avatar that looks like a clown that has a funny mustache. Well, the doctor kind of inspired me on that idea. Turns out it was a good call. She’s really cute.

I am not sure if we are even friends yet but I am curious if we can be. So I quickly responded to confirm.

And of course, I have to attach with my own message. I kind of like yours too Julia. But you could be right :-})

– Fin

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Author Notes: I wrote this out of the blue. Thought might as well share it on the blog. Some short stories of Matt Adams. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Chapter 1 and 2 can be found here. And here is the summary if you are still reading ..

Dot Adams β€” this is the story of Matt Adams, an eccentric young man who sees the world differently after awaken from a long sleep in coma. His views of the world are a little bit different like how he sees television as sucking up time from people and turning them into obedient zombies to slave their time towards a box of nothing, the amazing Internet providing people a way to connect quicker but not better as human beings, and how the whole world or just one person is in conflict depends on how one sees it. The story extends the imagination of Adams with stunning perspectives and perhaps some inspiring real life examples. Adams finds himself in a journey of conflicting virtues and discover something new with Julia, a florist who found Adams to be interesting and somewhat a kindred spirit.


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