Friday Shorts: Nation Zero #2

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We have been hiding from them for a quite awhile. They seem to be everywhere. We should have known that there are extremists within the androids society. They call themselves Purgers. They claim it’s their right to purge the civilization from humans. They claim humans as impurity in their society and they wish to purge all of what’s left of humanity. According to The Maker, the number for mankind has already been reduced to less than 1% of the population. The Purgers goal is to make that number down to zero.

Felicity and I have been searching for our missing friends, but to no avail. There are too many secret bases from far too many different factions within the android society. Some who claim that humans as their friends. Some who claim humans as their nemesis. Some who choose peace and remain impartial. These factions became secret societies and are unknown to the general public.

The whole world still thinks they are normal. But to me it doesn’t really make a difference. At least for yesterday, I was still a normal guy who enjoys a care free life. Today I am entangled in a conspiracy and fighting hard for my survival. The Maker told me a secret that I have not shared with the others yet. Since majority of the population are android humans and none of them know if they are not human, no one can tell for sure. I have not dwell on the question if I could possibly be one. Robot or not, I am still going to find my friends and save them.

Felicity has been my support pillar throughout this journey. She is beautiful, calm and a natural born leader. She has been very helpful in identifying the secret bases and also connecting us with allies that could help us. She told me her friends were captured as well by the men in black. And one of the friends who went missing is her boyfriend. When I found out, I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed. That kind of draws the line between us. But I am thinking too much and I should focus. My friends are depending on me to save them.



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Author Notes: I wrote this out of ideas around a world of android helpers and augmented reality. Its just a plot of a story and stylized as a narration from Kyle journals. So I thought I will share it on my blog as well. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Here is the summary if you are still reading …

Nation Zero — This is the story of Kyle Akins. He lives in the world where almost everyone owns an android assistant. These robots help their masters to do most of their chores, manage their lifestyles, work for money and do almost anything that will augment their masters’ wills and wishes. Their masters are usually carefree with lots of free time on their hands and all they have to do is to maintain and program their robots to personalize its behavior and augment themselves accordingly. The world government permits each person to only own one when they reach the age of seven. Each person has to be responsible for their own androids to ensure safety and it must abide the law at all times. One day, Kyle noticed one of the world leaders acted up strangely on television. He investigated on that matter and discovered a great secret that the world leaders might have been replaced by androids in disguise. Kyle and his small group of friends decided to reach out to the authorities but ending up entangled in a deeper conspiracy and greater danger. Now Kyle must find a way to get himself out of this sticky situation before it’s too late.

Note: Previous chapters are found here

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