Friday Shorts: Nation Zero #3

Note: Previous chapters are found here

Claudia and Rogue.

The sisters have joined our little group since our escape from Little Hollow, a small project behind the city walls on the South. Claudia is the younger sibling and she has been quite clingy towards the group especially me. She is probably around nine years of age but she is really bright, I can just tell. She is tiny but she is quick with her legs. Her hair is long, straight and blonde. Her eyes are innocent and blue. She is almost an angel if you think about it. As for her elder sister, Rogue is more like an over protective type with a strong character. Her hair is short at shoulder length, scarlet red and very dark strong eyes. She doesn’t talk much as compared to her younger sister. There is something cool about the way she is. Something about her keep reminding me about someone, but I can’t remember.

It has been almost a month now since I went all out to find my missing friends. There are some small clues, but nothing substantial. I need to work harder before it’s too late. Everyone seems to be anxious and beginning to become impatient. Felicity is doing a great job keeping the group together so far. But I gather we should pick up the momentum before the group loses hope.

When we escape from Little Hollow, we found a device that is supposed to show us a secret map. But it isn’t working and that device isn’t turning on. We are now heading towards the West where I know a friend who is really good in fixing things. He might probably help us figure this thing out. That’s right, what we need now is a working map to point us to the right direction.



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Author Notes: I wrote this out of ideas around a world of android helpers and augmented reality. Its just a plot of a story and stylized as a narration from Kyle journals. So I thought I will share it on my blog as well. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Here is the summary if you are still reading …

Nation Zero — This is the story of Kyle Akins. He lives in the world where almost everyone owns an android assistant. These robots help their masters to do most of their chores, manage their lifestyles, work for money and do almost anything that will augment their masters’ wills and wishes. Their masters are usually carefree with lots of free time on their hands and all they have to do is to maintain and program their robots to personalize its behavior and augment themselves accordingly. The world government permits each person to only own one when they reach the age of seven. Each person has to be responsible for their own androids to ensure safety and it must abide the law at all times. One day, Kyle noticed one of the world leaders acted up strangely on television. He investigated on that matter and discovered a great secret that the world leaders might have been replaced by androids in disguise. Kyle and his small group of friends decided to reach out to the authorities but ending up entangled in a deeper conspiracy and greater danger. Now Kyle must find a way to get himself out of this sticky situation before it’s too late.

Note: Previous chapters are found here

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