Friday Shorts: Nation Zero

Nation Zero

This is the story of Kyle Akins. He lives in the world where almost everyone owns an android assistant. These robots help their masters to do most of their chores, manage their lifestyles, work for money and do almost anything that will augment their masters’ wills and wishes. Their masters are usually carefree with lots of free time on their hands and all they have to do is to maintain and program their robots to personalize its behavior and augment themselves accordingly. The world government permits each person to only own one when they reach the age of seven. Each person has to be responsible for their own androids to ensure safety and it must abide the law at all times. One day, Kyle noticed one of the world leaders acted up strangely on television. He investigated on that matter and discovered a great secret that the world leaders might have been replaced by androids in disguise. Kyle and his small group of friends decided to reach out to the authorities but ending up entangled in a deeper conspiracy and greater danger. Now Kyle must find a way to get himself out of this sticky situation before it’s too late.

Plot Highlights

Kyle realized that the government and authority have been compromised and not to be trusted. A group of men in black that called themselves The Protectors seem to be tracking down Kyle and his friends. When one of their friends had gone missing and perhaps captured by the men in black, Kyle and his friends were forced to go into hiding. They soon discovered another group of people who had been researching on the same conspiracy. Kyle reached out to one of the members, a girl named Felicity who seems to be very knowledgeable of the situation. Somehow many of the incidents were tied back to one company and its the one that manufacture most of the robots. They decided to team up and rescue their friends who have been missing. While rescuing their friends, Kyle encountered The Maker, the person behind the curtain. He told Kyle a dark secret that he could never have imagine.

The Maker is the person who designed the robots and machines. He revealed to Kyle that almost 99% of the world population right now are androids disguising as people. Those who have gone missing are humans. Only a small number is the last of the human race. How the androids of the world behave like human beings is because they don’t know they are actually not human. All this while when they program and train their android assistants, they are programming themselves. Each of them are augmenting themselves to be different. Each robot isn’t perfect and it’s designed on purpose. To be human is to be imperfect, to be unique and to be continuous learning. The day it stops learning, is the day the program becomes broken. This puts Kyle to a corner and making him wonder if he is human or actually an android. It seems it’s hard for one to find out as the robotic specifications are so precise that it copies every human behavior, senses, emotions, flesh and blood. The only thing different is beneath the skin, there are no real bones. Only circuits that augment reality. The Maker told Kyle that he has to decide for himself and if he would seek that answer, then he will know exactly what to do. The Maker also explains to Kyle that it happened hundreds of years ago when something devastating happen to mankind and destroyed majority of its population. A small group of scientist decided to create androids to protect the remaining of the small number who survived. For a period of time, the survivors were depressed by the lost, so they made companions out of androids that are able to mimic human behaviors and even copy the loved ones that they have lost. Then there was a period of an unknown plague that further decreased the population to its lowest point. The human spirit can only endure so much when facing their loved ones diminish. So, they secretly created a society where the real humans live along side the android humans, with generations not knowing the truth. The society became the civilization that we know today.


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Author Notes: I wrote this out of ideas around a world of android helpers and augmented reality. Its just a plot of a story. So I thought I will share it on my blog as well. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun.


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