Friday Shorts: Transit #2

Note: Read prologue here.

Chapter 1

A perfect evening just before the sun set.

It’s one of those days that you thought you could just take a nice walk around the neighborhood playground and enjoy some nature’s best moments. The sun shined but not too glaring. It gave a nice shine of yellow and just enough to warm you up. It’s as though it’s telling you that you did great today and you deserve a good rest tonight. The rest of nature agrees.

The trees were thick and tall as they had withstood many seasons throughout the years. The leaves and branches danced with the wind that made the trees swaying slowly from left and right. It’s hypnotizing to see nature so beautiful. And it’s amazing to know that this magical moment repeats so often but people don’t realized that. Nature has always been this way.

There was a pair of feet on the grass. It felt so comfortable to be touching the ground with a coating of green glistening from the surface. The grass was ticklish but for a child who was running around the grass, it’s a joy to be alive with such wonder. The child ran towards the arms of his mother. With warmth embrace, the child lay his head on his mother’s shoulders, smiling and laughing. The mother gave the child a kiss on his forehead, as the sun shined directly towards them.

Chapter 2

The glass on the windows were thick and the shades barely block the sun from shining through. The sunset has always been a sight to see. Malcolm’s eyes were looking directly towards it but barely since he’s inside the house. He sat there very still and in deep thought. He did that for almost everyday and nothing changed. He is good looking, well built, blonde, white male in his early thirties but scruffy for most days. He was wearing shorts and body up naked.

Malcolm took a sip of his coffee and then he gave out a sigh.

“Best coffee ever” he whispered.

“It’s just a Starbucks coffee” the man sitting opposite Malcolm replied. Black hair, the man wore a long black jacket and tie, with a notebook and a pen on his hands.

“Coffee is coffee” Malcolm added. “And you can’t start the day without it”

“But it’s already sunset” the man rebutted.

“Exactly” Malcolm answered.
“Let’s get down to business, shall we”
“What do you want from me, detective”
“Why did you come to my house on such a lovely day”
“Are you here to arrest me?”

Malcolm has always been the man with the questions. It looks like he could not resist himself even when he was in front of a police official. He knew that this day would come when the government will track him down for doing his pet projects. He spent most nights working on his experiments and hacking through government databases for information that he needs. Many people knew him as Malcolm Creed, a relatively young and accomplished theoretical scientist but semi-retired due to some unknown reasons.

“One of your fields of expertise is the evolution of transportation and the impact it has for mankind” the detective replied.

“I came here for your help”



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Author Notes: I wrote this out of fascination. So I thought I will share it on my blog as well. Some short stories of a fictional world where people travel in an ultra fast and hyper speed transportation known as the Transit. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Here is the summary if you are still reading ..

Transit — this is the story of Malcolm Creed, a relatively young and accomplished theoretical scientist but semi-retired due to some unknown reasons. One of his fields of expertise is the evolution of transportation and the impact it has for mankind. He was invited by Evan Straus, the good looking billionaire and visionary who built The Transit, the world’s fastest and safest mode of transportation known to man. Malcolm is invited to be a consultant to an ongoing investigation on reports of missing people who travel within the Transit. So far, there has been no proof that the company is responsible, or if the incidents actually took place, but the authority is pressured to continue investigation and come out with a satisfactory outcome. While Malcolm investigates and uncovers a bigger plot behind the incidents, he became close with Amy Sands, the chief system engineer who is responsible for The Transit algorithms and global systems.

Note: Read prologue here.

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