Friday Shorts: Transit #3

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Chapter 3

White, marble and shiny floors. The whole building is remarkably designed with the best materials, expensive glass and really nice polished metals. The place is like a piece of art but it’s not like anyone is taking time to appreciate it. All you see is busy people rushing to somewhere they need to be. Business people, men and women with ties and coats. They are all walking around everywhere. That’s how it is on a normal business day at the Transit Tower, headquarters to the most advanced transport organization in the world.

The building itself is one of the most marvelous skyscrapers in the world. With hundreds of floors and every each of them has its own departments, divisions, teams, functions and purpose. It feels like there is always something going on. People working, meeting, discussing, gossiping, colluding, stressing, chatting on the phone and all that social stuffs that people do. The building is alive with so many activities going on. Most people think that their city never sleeps, but over here, the building never sleeps. Something is always happening.

“Oh dear, they are fighting again” said the man who is peeking into one of its display monitors.

His name is Jack Peters and he works here at the tower as a software engineer working on security applications for the organization.

“Who is?” replied the lady sitting in the same room as him.

Her name is Amy Sands and she is the lady boss working together with Jack in the same department. She plays a more important role in making sure that security is in top notch at all times.

“The same one which I told you a few days ago”
“I think they are a couple or something” he added. The screen shows a man and a woman having an argument behind closed doors in a pantry.

“Didn’t I tell you not to pry into other people’s business” asked Amy and annoyed by Jack.

Jack is a geek. He is probably one of the smartest guys working for the organization but he has a bad habit in intruding into other people’s privacy. Since he has most of the administration level in accessing the company security data, he snoops around to see what’s interesting and poke around to see if there is anything that he finds funny. He is probably trying to impress Amy, but definitely doing it wrong. He is not very professional doing this but at the same time, he is really harmless. Amy doesn’t think he is too brave to do anything too crazy, and that’s why she would close an eye most of the time. But she often has to remind him about boundaries and keep him in line just in case upper management highlights these issues in the next management meeting. The last thing she ever want in her flawless career file, is a poor credit for managing people like Jack.

“I am telling you, there is something up with these two” Jack is trying to defend his argument. “Here, let me do a quick graph search on the employee profile of these two .. “

“Alright, I just had enough with your.. “ Amy finally snapped.

“Here! Take a look over here. I just found something” Jack quickly recover just in time. “Looks like these two are indeed into something. The file says that each of them are affiliated to Mobius Industries for some recent job interviews and have been engaged by human resources about a counter offer.”

“So, it looks like they are deciding on some career move. What’s the big deal”

“Well, apparently they appear to be dating, since they both subscribed and liked the same outing schedule and dining venues, according to third party social analytics. The man is her supervisor in their department. They decided to get serious in their relationship and move career paths together. They both tendered their resignation about the same time, but only she accepted the counter offer. So it seems that she gets promoted to replace his job after he’s gone. And they decided to break up”

“Well played.” Amy is impressed.
“Do you think it will ever happen between us” Jack asked jokingly.

“Only in your dreams, Jack. Now, please get back to work”
Amy made that clear on that one.



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Author Notes: I wrote this out of fascination. So I thought I will share it on my blog as well. Some short stories of a fictional world where people travel in an ultra fast and hyper speed transportation known as the Transit. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Here is the summary if you are still reading ..

Transit — this is the story of Malcolm Creed, a relatively young and accomplished theoretical scientist but semi-retired due to some unknown reasons. One of his fields of expertise is the evolution of transportation and the impact it has for mankind. He was invited by Evan Straus, the good looking billionaire and visionary who built The Transit, the world’s fastest and safest mode of transportation known to man. Malcolm is invited to be a consultant to an ongoing investigation on reports of missing people who travel within the Transit. So far, there has been no proof that the company is responsible, or if the incidents actually took place, but the authority is pressured to continue investigation and come out with a satisfactory outcome. While Malcolm investigates and uncovers a bigger plot behind the incidents, he became close with Amy Sands, the chief system engineer who is responsible for The Transit algorithms and global systems.

Note: Read previous chapters here

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