Important Title Here

I just wanted to put the title as ‘A Short Update’

But I think that will be a lazy and ineffective thing to do. Without a distinct name for the title, it will be kind of lacking in purpose. Then why would I be writing in the first place, or am I writing for the sake of writing. Also, I am suppose to be writing because there is something creative or interesting to write about.

So, I was just thinking what will be the best title for a day and especially if the day is a slow one. Then I think why is my day a slow one in the first place. It shouldn’t be and this is where I rediscover the reason of titles and life purpose.

It seems unlikely they are related or important to be put together, but in this context, it seems to me and come to be, it’s everything to the heart of my life and the titles I could put on each day, today, tomorrow, or whatever it might be.

It’s time to think again about each day, and give some clarity to what you are dong, contributing and experiencing each day. You define your own titles in life, by what you want to do, and not from others ask of you.

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