Transparency and security.

For one example and it’s not exclusive. For anyone who uses Twitter, they know how wonderful the platform is. Twitter is like shouting across the room and everyone within that range could hear it, and then decide to add, ignore, criticize, ridicule or repeat what you say in your conversations.

In short, it’s a very chaotic way of broadcasting but at the same time, it releases creativity and expresses the freedom of speech, ideas, and collaboration to everyone.

Still, it’s very powerful. And I think the most part people are using it to do good or just be neutral, but there is always a risk that some people might use it to do great harm.

But Twitter is just an example, and not exclusive. Many apps, platforms, community and products of social media, or digital communication that people are using nowadays are open to these powers and risks. The point is, we need more safety precautions and solid security measures for these applications and platforms.

There are a lot of great ideas now that are being created but most are just like making guns without the safety, and there is an increase in public interest to have proper guidelines and trusted moderators or regulators to help make sure that these powerful platforms are use for hopefully good intentions.

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