It’s Time to Wake Up!

Monday morning ritual.

Not entirely a ritual yet. But I woke up early morning on Monday today and that kind of feel good. It has to right? I mean that it is one of the many wins of the day. It does in fact make the day feel longer and you do more in a longer day. You feel like you live longer too. So overall it’s a good outcome for a net positive in your life.

So there are a few things that came to mind. My body was actually quite reluctant to wake up. Felt heavy and not exactly physically motivated to get my body off the bed. Mentally the mind is the same I feel daunted on the idea of waking up early when I felt so comfortable sticking my body to the comfy bed and my head on the pillow. There is like an internal struggle on why I would want to replace that wonderful feeling of being lazy, resting position and mostly being comfortable on the bed feeling. And when your mind tells you that feeling is better than anything else like waking up to life where there are so many challenges, uncertainty and things that needed to be done once you wake up. So long story short to keep it brief, it was very difficult to wake up.

So what did I do? As I vaguely remembered it. I focus on my body and accepting the state that it is in and then trying to convince it slowly that it could do the opposite. Wake up! Put every single energy and will power into waking up. Do the same for the mind. Struggle a little bit till you get the body and mind to focus, aligned to wake up. Do it for a reason and the goal is to wake up. And then I think about the spirit in me, the passion, the vision, the emotion and the aspirations to become better than I am, and let those feelings pull your body towards it. And then it happened. My body was straight up and that’s all it takes for a single push to move the body moving for the rest of the day. Whatever happens, only happens when you make the first push in the morning.

My hope of course is to sharpen this better into a sub conscious level or habitual thing for every morning. So that I could have enough time in the morning for a quick run, breakfast and shower before going to work. That will be something to aim for. Not a dream or wishful thinking. But a goal set to be tried until done, and in some ways it’s a date with your own destiny, even if it’s just waking up in the morning.

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