Key Points: Graph Search

Over the weekend, I had a look at some videos about Facebook Graph Search. It’s really interesting to see what’s Facebook is doing in terms of search technology.

Here are some of my own notes and ideas shared during the presentation:

  • Facebook Graph Search
  • Three Pillars of Facebook — News Feed, Timeline and Graph Search
  • Giving people the power to query things in their Facebook
  • The graph is really big and constantly changing — billions of new ones every day
  • There are different type of connections that sums up to a really hard technical problem
  • The search is privacy aware — every piece of content has its own audience
  • Most content is not public
  • You can only search for things that have been shared with you
  • Graph search is different from web search — it’s about links vs answers
  • Graph search is about returning answers quickly to people — in an intuitive way
  • Graph search is not about search filters — it’s not natural enough
  • Graph search understands photos, places, interests, friends, and more
  • Graph search is structured and it understands simple phrases
  • Search “friends who like Star Wars and Harry Porter”
  • You can learn more beyond the subjects of the search and also more of the people who provides you the results
  • All search results are entirely unique to you
  • It’s also about making new connections, not just your existing connections
  • Search “friends of friends who are single”
  • It’s also able to search for friends of friends and a search subject attach to it
  • It’s also able to have a use case for recruitment
  • Search “photos of my friends before 1990”
  • It’s also able to search deep combined with the timeline ability to provide results
  • Graph search also helps in consolidating multiple timeline so you don’t have to visit each timeline from people you want to see
  • See search results from the lens of your friends — graph search
  • Search “My friends who speak french” — you can see that being useful
  • Search “Restaurants in San Francisco liked by my friends from India” — another good example to find interesting results
  • Search “Restaurants in San Francisco liked by Institute of Culinary of America” — and you can see how quickly the result changes

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