Killing The Business Cards

This video makes a good point about business cards.

I used to carry and print a lot of business cards. And in networking events and meetings, I have collected tons of business cards. It used to be very useful to be a reference to someone you just meet, until we have social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools to help organize contacts easier and better.

I think it’s time that we move on from the physical cards into something more simple. Let’s just exchange emails and phone numbers instead. It’s a better way to keep in touch and if you really need to know more about me or my company, you could always check me out at my blog, website or LinkedIn profile. It’s far more immersive and useful as compared to a print card. You can instantly message me, check out mutual connections, recommendations, common interest and things that can just warm up the relationship even faster. So, let’s do that.

Personal Tech Columnist Joanna Stern explains why the cards are stacked against the wireless exchange of our contact info

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