Life’s a Kimchi


I was just eating my brunch today at Namoo, a Korean fusion concept cafe and restaurant. I really like the setting and enjoyed the meal. The music that they played was pleasing and soothing. I was instantly put into the mood to write this. I particularly like the way they present their dishes. Not overly fancy, but simple and elegant. I like the small plates where they present their small salads and kimchi.

I can’t help myself from admiring the small plates as they look tiny and shallow, but it carried such wonderful taste and spice of the kimchi. I had read it somewhere that kimchi takes a lot of time, sometimes it takes upto or more than 6 months and needs good care for it to prepare and ferment into the kimchi that can be served on the table. So, though the dish was so tiny and shallow, yet the content inside was so thoughtful. It’s just amazing in that simple way.

Then I can’t help to reflect that into life and how people are. Sometimes you might feel tiny and shallow, but it does not mean you are tiny and shallow inside. It took a lot of time for you to become who you are. You have to make a lot of experiences, good ones and bad ones, and great personal experiences nonetheless. Without you realizing, it was a thoughtful process as you grow up. And it’s a continuous process. You are growing in that sense every day.

I think life can be full of potential no matter what size or shape we are put in. People who are generally very sad might think that all happy people are fraud. And people who are generally happy might think all sad people are not living life to its fullest potential. So live life as you are and perhaps with a sense of kimchi.

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