“Like” by Design

Some coffee places are not created equal.

So I was at Tous les Jours today, a new coffee place around my city, and I found myself to quite like it. Not so much for the coffee, but in all honesty the drinks, the food and pastry were quite okay. But the highlight is the decoration that seems to be very well thought out, artistically done and pleasing to the eyes. With some nice bricks, some black and wood color and lots of glass. Quite elegantly put together.

Then a thought came to my mind about the influence of people, culture and design. There are a lot of chatter about influence of social media in my line of work. And now I am beginning to understand more about the influence is more than just people influencing other people. Influence can be a pivotal part in design as well. People and culture could influence design and how things are made to look. But design also has the power to influence people and their behaviors. And now after knowing this, I could really appreciate why so many companies, organizations and even apps are focusing on design. Because design could influence others to become users, customers, fans, friends and engage in new conversations with others.

As I was sipping my coffee slowly and realized that I really enjoy this not just for the good coffee, but also partly I am influenced by the design around me and then inspired to write this. It’s a powerful way that engaged other people including me. Just one person. Then I look around me and there were so many people swarming in this busy coffee establishment. And I wonder what are these people thinking and how much of the design around them are influencing their thoughts, ideas and decisions in their life and in business.

Feeling inspired directly, indirectly or perhaps subconsciously. Everything becomes more interesting suddenly.

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