Not Futuristic

But not obvious as well. Here is a follow-up on the Internet of Things story.

CNET has just shared a conversation with some big names on the topic for the next big thing.

The event took place at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The industry stars talk about benefits and pitfalls of an increasingly connected world. And for the fans of Mark Cuban, he was in the panel as well.

It’s almost an hour long but it’s quite insightful if you want to know how the near future is going to take place. Some ideas that the panel shared are such as connections on medical industry; device designs beyond mobile, tables and PCs, and more.

Some interesting ideas and phrases that they shared:

  • It’s about getting information when you need it at the right time.
  • More than just people connected to machines, we are also looking at machines connected to machines in a whole different way.
  • All the technology is here today to make a more connected world happen, using the connected refrigerator as an example.


  • The hardware isn’t the interesting part, it’s more about the user interface that will make the impact.
  • What’s in for the consumer? Is it convenient, friendly, better or intuitive? Solve simple tasks first.
  • Companies are using sensors everywhere to track data, it’s like Google Analytics for the real world.


  • Accessibility of data, drives a lot of these applications.
  • Create a platform so that all the brainpower of the users will make something more useful for everyone.
  • There are bottleneck to this innovation, such as spectrum, as users are hungry for speed over the platforms.


  • We need more simple and affordable connectivity.
  • People will be able to buy Small Cells, to replace big networks. Small Cells technology will relieve congestion in the spectrum problem.
  • Inconvenience drives attention, and then you will have innovation.


  • Making it simpler from the beginning. How to make technology aspect away from things. It should be easy to use.
  • There is a social responsibility when it comes to using these technologies as it could be easily abused.
  • “Tech doesn’t kill people. People kill people” – Mark Cuban


  • Saving time with technology. There are certain things that should be anticipated and technology can help.
  • One of the key challenges is signaling noise. How do we separate what is signal and what is noise.


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