People Do Change

Old friends.

So, I met up a few friends yesterday night for dinner. These are really old friends back from primary school and then we went to high school together. In fact, one of them was from my elementary school. So, we really go way back, with lots of history from the humble beginnings in our early childhood. No doubt, it was nostalgic and the gathering brought lots of old memories back to light.

The gathering started generally fine. And after dinner, we changed venue to grab a drink. It was good. We chatted a lot and laughed a lot on some funny jokes. It was all good and fun times. Also, I had the pleasure to treat all my friends for dinner and the drinks for these two sessions. I felt like it’s all worth it. After all, we had not meet for such a long time.

Then, we decided to check out this roof top bar somewhere nearby, and that’s when things got a little bit uncomfortable for me. One of my friends got too much to drink, too much to talk and to the point he doesn’t realized he was being overly rude and so happen to offend others. At that point, I realized people do change. Despite their appearance which felt familiar. But people grow up really fast and the years that we did not see each other, they surely had experienced life in their own way. Perhaps exposed with different life situations, work environments, new friends and other influences.

So, people do change. And for better or worse, we will just have to accept the fact. But at the end of the day, you can decide if you want to be surrounded by people that makes you a better or happier person. So I decided to keep this person at bay for now. And focus on other relationships that resonate well for me as an individual. I am sure life goes on and the world will continue to make its fair share of mistakes and learn to forgive itself. So for that, I am going to do the same.

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