Project Disrupt

You have probably notice it.

Other than disruption is already happening all around us, the fact that it’s getting a bit more busy here in this blog. There is a reason for it, the year end is the perfect time to get some small experiments done. Also, I have noticed I have been compiling quite a bit of notes of interesting ideas, lessons, insights and trends throughout the year.

Somehow, I have made it a habit to write down something almost everyday for the whole year. Now looking back, it seems like a good idea. The notes I have made have been proved to be quite a hefty research of interesting trends. Some I might even classified as great ideas for disruption. Note: Disruption in business and even in different industry verticals, is a good thing as it changes things to become more interesting and most of the time, better for the end consumers and the whole marketplace. We have seen disruption happening in social media, smart phones, music industry, taxi services and more.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the trends I have spotted and get your feedback. The ideas are free but it will be valuable if it helps you to shape it into your own strategies moving forward for your projects or business. It’s just a small experiment, so let’s see what happens next. I am thrilled to see the future.

Part one will be shared in my next post.


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