WWS: Prologue


I still remember my first kiss with her. It’s raining heavily and it was very dark outside. The floor was damp and the drains were all flood up. I knew it was going to be very challenging when I decided to confront Veronica about the truth. And one thing lead to another, and we got push into a corner. It became clear to me that it was very risky to allow her to come along with me. The whole city seemed to be on the hunt for us right now. There were very little room for escape, but we managed to keep ourselves safe for the time being. We had to hide at the alleys and dark corners of the subways and trains, to make sure nobody recognized us.

“Sorry” I said out apologetically. I can’t remember when but I have been saying that quite often lately. I am not that kind of guy who usually say these things and I used to be more determined about life situations. But the stuffs happening lately had been a little bit crazy. Things changed so much and I was not sure if I was still asleep, dreaming or am I had really woken up to a nightmare.

“You know you have been saying that quite a lot lately” she replied empathetically. Veronica, what a wonderful name. She’s so beautiful, so sweet looking with her blonde hair and honey brown eyes. Her lips are glazed like strawberries and the color of her skin is as warm as the sun.

The truth is that I was so happy that she was there right beside me, but at the same time, I regretted the situation that we were in. I meant I would imagine the story to be like a fairy tale with one lonely guy finally found happiness with the girl of his dreams, and then both of them cruising to a paradise island in a classic but majestic white yacht. I can just almost smell the fresh but salty air of the sea breeze and my darling Veronica will embrace herself within my arms as we could see the beautiful sunset together. Instead, we were here, in this dystopian world dealing with crap.

“If you are going to sulk. Just do it and be done with it.” She said with a straight face. Then I remembered Veronica, the strong one. I meant she was literally a body builder despite her small frame body, which was highly deceiving. I still remember when in high school she was the captain for her volley ball team, the captain for cheerleader squad, and captain for swimming club as well. I think she was captain for a few other things as well, but definitely she was a captain for many things and she can really handle shit loads of crap. In my imaginary world, I think she could be a real life wonder woman. She could be saving children and eradicating crimes during her free time, and still have time to get her home work done and carry on with her active lifestyle. And if that was true, she will use her super human powers like heat rays from her eyes and super breath to blow all the evil villains away from the very pages of this story. Perhaps, when I close my eyes I can just wish that had happen.

*Snap!* She snapped her fingers and clapped her hands. And my eyes opened. “Where were you?” She hates it when I fazed out.

“Uh nothing. Just trying to stay focus” it’s farther than the truth. I wish I could tell her how beautiful she is and how cute she looks every time she was about to get angry like now.

“Matt, I need you to stay focus with me. You are the brains, remember?” Yes, now it all came back to me clearly. All these shit shouldn’t have happen if not for me. And it was up to me to fix it if we were going to survive this.

“Help us get out of this” she came closer as if she was asking for some assurance. That reminded me it wasn’t really the case sometime ago, but things changed pretty quickly despite all the things that were happening. I looked back into her eyes firmly, and tried my best to tell her how much I want to protect her, without me actually saying it out. Speechless. It was a special moment, our eyes were locked with each other. And in that instance, I calculatedly perfectly with the proximity of our faces getting closer and our eyes locked in, I couldn’t refrain myself any longer. I pressed my lips towards hers and hold my breath.

Just before my heart had the chance to beat like a drum, I heard a smacking sound as loud as thunder, and then I realized the lightning quick slap had already happen. “What the hell, Matt!” she blurted out and wiped off the kiss. The passionate kiss I thought it was supposed to be. It flew away. But the slap shocked me back to reality. What was I doing? I meant we were still just friends. At best, very good friends. At least for now. I’d promise.

“Sorry, I thought .. “ I was trying to explain myself and then she cut me off. “Whatever!”
“We need to move quick.”
I can hear foot steps trailing behind us and its getting closer.
We found ourselves running around the dark corners of the city and then towards the bridge. We need to cross over to the other side, as far away from to main city district, there were just too many people. The best thing to do was that nobody saw us.
Suddenly we heard a very loud siren, with bells and whistles. So loud that it almost made me deaf. I was on panic mode and so was she. She tried to call out to me. But I couldn’t hear her. Then, there were lights everywhere, like torch lights and dozens of them getting closer. Before I could count a few, more of them appeared and were getting closer to us. In a hurry I had to grab her hand and tried to rush away towards the other side.
“Shit!” I cried out, but she probably can’t hear me swear, as the loud sirens kept on ringing in our ears. Well, the fact was that we couldn’t even hear our own voices. I couldn’t hear anything but only the loudness. I looked in front of us, there were the lights and they were coming straight at us, and even more behind us, and I looked up there were helicopters pointing their spotlights at us. We were surrounded!

“Shit! Shit! Shit!!” I cried out again.

She tried to say something, but I can’t really make out what she said with the sirens drowning her voice. But I tried to guess her lips as they were moving. Maybe she said “This is your shit!” blaming me for all the mess we were in. Perhaps maybe she said “Stop saying shit! shit face” reminding me not to swear. The truth was that I can’t hear what a word she said.

Then she came closer to my ears and shouted her lungs out. For just one moment, I couldn’t hear the sirens at all but only her sweet voice. It reminded me how I enjoyed hearing her sing during the school choir where she was a captain in it somehow. I was about to faze out again for a just a brief moment, and then I heard it clearly. The words that she said. “We have to jump!”

I don’t know which made my heart pounded faster, the sirens that were as loud as thunder, and it kept splicing my ears every and each second without quitting, or the fact that we were surrounded by people who wanted us dead or worse, or the fact that we were about to jump into the ice cold river just beneath the bridge. The jump will be at least five stories high and potentially be fatal. Before I knew it, we jumped. Time seemed to slow down and the extreme panic drowned everything including the sirens. I took a split second and I thought I heard her smile, as if that was even possible. I was holding her hand tightly as we free fall into the abyss. And I was thinking to myself. Shit.

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