Sharing What Inspires Me

I learn and I share.

Almost every week I will soak up some inspirational quotes and some words of wisdom. I try to learn some of it and then I share it. Before I know it, I have been doing this for many years now and almost consistently every single day. Everyday there will be some quotes that I have personally selected from a range of other quotes that I can find and they are all shared and available on my tweets and my Twitter account.

Why do it? I am quite sure there was a good reason for it but I can’t remember the reason after so long, but I just kept doing it. It’s an interesting feeling and I like the inspiring words from other people and then sharing it. Some of the people who said those words, were leaders, thinkers, doers, celebrities, rich people, poor people, fortunate people, unfortunate people, parents, children, young people and others.

Does it feel strange to be doing it for so long? I don’t really think of what other people think, because some will like it, and some will not, but it started off that I was doing it for myself. I think it should had rub off a little wisdom after collecting so many lists of interesting quotes. Remember that the joy starts within yourself. So I started reading, sharing and then it starts to become affectionately infectious.

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