Rapid growth in Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc.

It’s amazing how ultra fast and rapid these technology companies are growing. The valuation growth timelines of these companies are getting shorter as well.  Companies like Instagram becoming a billion dollar company in about 2 years and Snapchat is even shorter probably in just one year.

Also it took about 3 years for Instagram to grow 25k users to 150 million users. That’s a relatively short time to gain such a huge user base.

The point is: The web is becoming like a new country by itself. It has its own rules, its community, its sub cultures, and its own way of building communities and doing commerce. That kind of country like the Internet has the largest marketplace in the world. And with that comes great power and grand scale of opportunity. Amazing and I’m excited to be working in this field and be part of this industry.

These are just a few examples, and more companies like these are being created by small teams all over the world and making their own small empires. For example, Instagram was only a team of 13 people when it was sold to Facebook for about a billion dollars. The real value here is the product, the platform and the scale of how it has grown despite the small team. But the idea that a small team can create such a huge impact and generate such great value in a startup, that’s just amazing.

The more incredible story here is that all they need to start is with just a laptop, and then work their way through to flesh out their dreams into a reality.  And very soon, you might not need a laptop at all, and all you need is just your smart phone, and those people who ‘get it’ might just create their small empires this way.

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