Text Summary: Dave Morin on Foundation

Some of my own notes and ideas being shared in the interview:

Dave Morin is the co-founder and CEO of Path, a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices, launched in November 2010. An early member of the Facebook team, he left in 2010 to work on Path

* The rules of threes — every product that you launch or keynotes are best in threes. E.g. three keys, points or takeaways.
* There is no virtue to the things you are saying No. Saying no to the things are important. Most of the time, these things belong to the bottom of the list.
* There are double code names for projects done in Apple. That way they can track where the leaks are from.

* Focus on shipping new stuff everyday. This has to do with the culture e.g. Facebook.
* Every app has its own social graph, very different from the other, e.g. Facebook vs Foursquare
* Design is so important because technology alone is not enough. This is current situation.

* “We’re are in the Social DOS era” – Dave Morin
* Most conversations are being recorded nowadays and will last an eternity or forever.
* There are more efficient ways to help content behave better in the real world. The world will move towards that direction

* Technology barriers are mainly battery conservation. The longer the battery can function, the better the app can serve.

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