The First Week of 2014

It’s the beginning of a new year and looking forward for a fresh start and positive developments and achieving some life passions with some financial success. Before I start discussing it, I will just mention a few things that happen last year in 2013 and how it ended with a note that things could be better this year. The truth is 2013 has been a challenging year. Not that I have not seen other years that had been challenging but 2013 was pretty brutal.

My father and my good friend from high school died and both from illness they can’t control. My father had dementia and old age, but mostly caused by his quality of life as he was resistant towards embracing a more social life with positive outcomes. He was trapped in his own mind and ultimately reflected in his lifestyle and his health. My good friend died from cancer which he knew too late as when he found out was only weeks away from his demise. The sad thing was that he was relatively young and in his very early 30s and he had so much joy and aspirations in life. I remembered him as a joyful, kind and great friend who likes to be cheerful and made so many people laugh. Yet when life tells you it’s over, not many can tell you they succeed in fighting these terrible illnesses and most can’t cheat death. In some ways I’m still recovering from the loss and I missed them both very deeply.

Anyway, those were some very sad story but on a lighter note, I proposed early of the year in 2013 and successfully got engaged. We both had a good year in terms of travel, to see many places like Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and Kota Kinablau, etc. I proposed at the top of the world and more precisely one of the highest roof top bar and restaurant at Sirocco Sky Bar at the Lebua Hotel, the same place where they filmed Hangover Part II . Then we took our pre wedding photography at Seoul and made our very own wedding vows video in Tokyo. That video was shared with our friends and with many other people to inspire how simple life and marriage can be, and both could be special if the couple want it to be. The video was also shared and reposted by friends and some sites as well. Ultimately a very inspiring and heart warming experience we had for the wedding to come in 2014.

So this year 2014 is going to be a great year. I just have to promise myself that to happen. Whatever happens in 2014 is up to you. There will never be another 2014. So I really hope things will move along well. And I sincerely hope that everyone else will have a good time too and all the best in the coming days, weeks and months, and we can all try our best to make this year a great year for everyone despite some bumps along the way.

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