The MInd Is Your Reality

The mind is not just your brain, but your entire consciousness, your thought process, the place you place your memories, and how you perceive those memories, good ones and bad ones. All that will eventually make how you feel about things, the world around you, other people and yourself. The mind is like a muscle too, if you train it well, you can get good results from how you think. But if you let it be and when you don’t train it wisely, you can have poor outcomes from how you think, that can affect your work, your intelligence, your lifestyle, your social life, your conversations with other people and also ultimately your life. The mind is important and you must always keep that in mind. Yes, back to back like a loop.

What are you inserting to your mind today? That’s the real question and it’s also the solution for what makes your mind and life healthier. On days that you are feeling lousy, great, bored, inspired or out of motivation, the mind plays a great role. Is your mind being exposed to elements that generate those outcomes and those emotions. The good thing about it is that you are in control about what you can feed into the mind, so that it can change the way it process, and then change the way it thinks. Think about control. Your mind can handle it. You can handle it.

Do you want to feel confident today? How about feeling confident and smart this very moment? If you are sitting or lying down somewhere with nothing much around you and very little elements that can help you to move towards the direction that you desire, then I suggest you stand up right now. Even if you are reading this, if you really need to move your body, shift your state of mind or to change how you feel. And if you just really need to change your life, then the very least thing you can do as of this moment, then just stand up. Continue reading when you are standing up so that I don’t lose you. You can still read if you are standing up right? Alright if you really can’t move your body, then just the slightest shift in your body, your head, your parts of your body, and let those blood in your body rush back and forth, so that it shows the change in your body. Now, if you have to take a break from reading this, goto a place you can relax, surround yourself by things that can inspire you. For example, a library full of books, a nice cafe full of interesting people, a park where you are surrounded by a beautiful scenery, or just any place you think can find that you will feel good about life. The first thing to do is to condition your mind and to allow it to insert new environments that can nurture it. Even a beautiful living plant or flower cannot grow in a pot filled with bad soil and around poor conditions. Your life is like that flower, and it deserves a new place to grow better. Your mind is that beautiful living plant, it’s the same. Time to change not just how you think, but the place that helps you think better.

Do you talk to yourself? I mean if you talk to yourself inside your own head. If you do, then it’s perfectly normal. Everybody does that and it’s just a normal way for the mind to function. Sometimes, when you are at doing something, performing a task, or shopping for something that you need to buy, you might ask yourself if you really need this or that, and also ask about other questions in your own head. Do you like this product in this color or that color better? Is it too expensive or could I get it cheaper elsewhere? There are so many and various questions that you could be asking when you are doing all sorts of activities. To be talking to yourself in your own head or listening to your own voice in your own head is a subconscious brain fuction. That’s perfectly normal. But the real question and solution that we want to point out here that makes the mind better and healthier, is that the way you ask yourself, the way to talk to yourself, does matter. In fact, it’s very important that you train a better way you talk to yourself.

A few ways to train you mind better when talking yourself internally: You can try replacing words that you usually used and also omitting some words that might do more harm than good in your way of thinking. Here are some words to use: replace try with must. Don’t use the word ‘try’, but use the word ‘must’ instead. We get what we must in life. We must succeed, if that is what you really want. But of course you can always try, but using the word ‘must’ in your internal thought process, will condition it to do its best. Also as for other words, focus on words that shouts enthusiasm, positivity and confidence in your way of thinking. Any suggestions of words that reflect the opposite, you must now remove it. You must do it because you can. You are in fact in control. The mind is afterall a part of you, or should I say the mind is you.

P/S: This is the first draft and I will be fixing up the gammers soonest possible. Thanks ☺

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