The New Usual

A long day of a new life together perhaps.

We were walking around the neighborhood, new coffee areas, new restaurants, new places to eat and drink. At first I imagine it’s going to be quite hard to find new places that I usually would enjoy. Then I saw a drive-thru Starbucks and some artisan coffee outlets that many young people hang out at with a good taste of ambience, design, coffee and music. Then I think to myself it’s not that bad after all.

Later in the evening, we will walk around the playground and the streets that are all new to me. I think of all these things that are new for me right now, but in a few more weeks or months, perhaps all these will be the new usual for us. The new will become the old and status quo.

We held each other hand as we walk along the neighborhood streets, the different paths we had to take and then the long way back to our new home. And I wonder to myself that in front of me, anything is possible right now. And it’s up to you again, the path or road you take is up to you, but you won’t have to be alone when you do so when you allow someone special to enter into your life.

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