The Next Big Idea

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What is the next big idea for a tech startup ?

Next big idea for a tech startup
= Instant gratification from the Internet + You + Area of popular interest here

The internet promotes instant gratification. It wants you to do the usual things you do but fast, big, efficient and with very little effort from you.

Take a look at Google for an example. The idea of searching for something on the Internet used to be very tedious and hard to do. It takes a lot of effort to get to the page you want. With Google, you get it done fast and with higher quality results. One of the reasons it became so popular and successful is because it gives you instant gratification when you need to find something on the Web.

Another example – let’s talk about Groupon. The idea of getting the best deals, 50% discount and more became so easy with the Groupon service. Usually to discover deals, you have to flip through newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures or even search it on the web. But with Groupon, you get it quick, easy and all at the same place to discover the best deals near you. The platform even helps you secure the best deals and bring people together for collective buying power to push prices low and activate great deals. As a buyer, you just have to sit behind the computer to make this happen. It’s almost magic but it’s also an example of instant gratification that defines a successful big idea for a tech startup.

This goes the same for other ideas like Twitter, Facebook, Zappos, eBay, Amazon, Zynga and etc. All of these startup ideas managed to create a platform that gratifies the user in their respective fields, whether it’s social networking, gaming, commerce and etc. As far as the idea stage is concern, you need to address a popular interest that most people can relate to. The rest of getting the big idea to become truly a big idea comes down to execution.

To summaries – think of something that helps people do more but for much less or none. The man behind the computer is a lazy man. The job of the Internet is to make him efficient by him just clicking on it. If you have a good idea, it’s still not a good idea until you do it right.

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