The World Becomes Thoughtful

Don’t you wish sometimes that the world know’s what you are thinking and without asking, the world knows exactly how to adjust itself for you, and prepares itself to accommodate every wish that you have or every need that you might have. It’s like magic. The world is perfect. Imagine that it’s a beautiful world the moment you wake up, it prepares for you. And everything goes smoothly. You wonder, this world is so great and it’s so amazing. The world is finally a thoughtful place. That is if anything of that which I just described is anything near reality and if it is really that fantastic. The ugly truth is that it’s not, but the opposite is true, the world expects you to be that fantastic. The world you live in appreciates you to be thoughtful and in return, it will be kind to you and it will love you, as much as you you would love the world when it’s thoughtful to you. When you are thoughtful, and when you are taking the first steps to reach out to others with your thoughtfulness, you become better, the reality around you will become slightly if not greatly better. The world becomes better.

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