The Year of The Horse

Before I start, let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new lunar year. GONG XI FA CAI! 🙂

So every Chinese New Year, a new animal sign will rule the year. Here is mine based on the dog sign for the year of the horse.

The following is taken from the site with the link credited below.

Lucky you, Dog because in 2014, the lucky Stars are on your side and you can set out to conquer what you previously thought were impossible. Boosted by a feeling of freedom and confidence, you will enjoy an exciting year ahead in pursuing challenging endeavors and finding success and prosperity along the way. Fields that demand high creativity and those that focus on academic pursuits will also be boosted so if you are involved in either, then you are likely to make significant headway in 2014.

This year the shine of the Three Stages Star is strong and you will be benefited with success in your career. In other words, you are right to expect a promotion or career advancement to play out to your advantage. It is also a sign of wealth improvement, as your financial performance this year is closely tied with your movement – this means the busier you are at work, the greater the opportunities to earn more and improve your financial standing. Therefore, you should welcome the hectic schedule as a platform to diversify your income as it opens up more avenues for you to explore your wealth potential.

Having your path lighted by an auspicious star, it is almost certain that you will persevere through any obstacles no matter how tough. In fact, as mentioned earlier, you can expect rewards in terms a promotion or a raise. Even those who are self-employed will find an advantage in terms of a heightened ability to diversify and maximize their potential. The presence of the National Treasure Star will further strengthen your chances at rising ranks at the workplace, particularly if your superior is a man.

Nothing will rock your boat when it comes to your yearlong health outlook. Everything seems to be working well, though it might be wise to pay attention to your diet. Try incorporating a healthy exercise regime to promote greater health benefits. More importantly, stay on the safe side and avoid giving in to your daredevil urge by indulging in extreme sports or dangerous activities. Chances for injuries and accidents are high this year, so it is best if you could take good care of yourself in no matter what you do.

There will be much for Dogs to achieve this year and it could very well be a year for them to prove their mantle and explore hidden talent. Remember that you have the positive stars by your side, so exploit every advantage offered to you this year. Use every skill and knowledge at your disposal to maximize your potential. A calm and steady approach is all you need to prosper, but don’t forget to share your successes with loved ones!

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