Top Headline Terms in 2012

Like most people who follow tech news, I read Techmeme daily and almost religiously.

But to be honest, it’s getting much less. As there are getting more options out there such as Zite, Flipboard and others to help curate content that you like to read. Anyway, Techmeme has just released their Top Headline Terms for 2012.

Looking at the chart for the Top 20 terms for 2012, it’s not surprising that Apple is still on top and leading the rest. I can also observe that many of the keywords are the common suspects like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, mobile, apps and others. But one that I can’t quite get is No. 17, which is just the number 8. It must be an auspicious number for it to repeat so many times on the headlines. Perhaps Microsoft has a big part on that one.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 2.01.49 AM

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