Friday Shorts: Dot Adams

Chapter 1

It felt like a Sunday morning and I find myself laying on the bed. I didn’t have the strength to open my eyes just yet, but I can hear the birds chirping outside the window. The wind is blowing gently and I can smell the wonderful breeze of life. I open my eyes slowly and I find myself on a hospital bed. I lay there thinking of nothing else but amazed like a new born child who have just entered to this world.

Chapter 2

Time passes quickly and that’s something that I am losing track during my recovery.

I am feeling a little bit woozy due to the medication that the doctors prescribed for me. It has been about two weeks and I am still laying on my bed at the hospital.

They gave me a computer but the size, it’s much smaller than I could remember.

The next thing I know, I was typing on it and surfing on the Internet like I was born to do so. It came naturally as I typed on the soft touch keyboard, tapping away and exploring a world that is beyond these four walls.

There is Google, searching my way for anything. Wikipedia, what a wonderful new way to explore. YouTube, you will be amazed how many weird videos you can find in there. And Yahoo! what a way to call a site. I can see myself jumping for excitement. There are so many sites that my eyes keep glaring with information overload. But my head just keep on soaking itself into it and beyond…

h ttp://…

I find myself struggling to setup a profile on Facebook. Entering my details like my name and my email address if I could still remember my old one. Or I will just create a new one if I have forgotten. There seems to be plenty of options on the web I was told. It doesn’t really bother me. My mind just snap into focus and I want to be connected to this new world that is strange to me. Right now, I am just curious and feeling very hungry.

“Great. You are awake” the nurse came in. Probably doing her usual routines.

“Yeah I thought I would just checkout some of these social networking sites.”
“It looks really interesting”

“Hah! You mean Facebook.” she replied with enthusiasm.
“I have a niece who found a boyfriend in there” she excitedly shared with me.
“I thought I would give it a try for myself as well but it didn’t quite work that well for me” she blushed while telling me discreetly and I shrugged.

She is probably in her late thirties and I swear I thought she would have been married. She looks quite decent and I thought it’s surprising for her to not be able to find a nice man. She put some food on my table and helped to change the sheets.

“Great . You are awake” this time the doctor came in.
“How are you doing today, Mr. Adams?”

The doctor has a peculiar mustache that reminds me of some cartoon character. Nevertheless, I can see that he is really a nice guy but I am still curious about the man behind that mustache. it’s distracting.

“Getting well, Sir.” I replied and trying to show confidence.

“Well, good news and it has been over two weeks” that’s how long I have been awake from my coma.
“You do realized that you are doing a tremendously good progress” considering I was asleep for five years.
“Five years is a long time, Mr. Adams” yes.
“I am excited for you and you should explore the world . You are just seventeen and it’s a great future waiting for you out there.” he took a peek at the website that I was on.

“We are living in the age of Facebook, iPhones and Androids. There are plenty of options available for you” strangely too many. I am eager and you can trust me. Anymore hospital food would be more than I can take.

“Anyway, your uncle will be picking you up tomorrow morning to help you discharge from the hospital” my uncle and not my family. Of course.

“I wish you well.”

— Fin

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Author Notes: I wrote this out of the blue. Thought might as well share it on the blog. Some short stories of Matt Adams. Please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes, as this is mostly done quickly and for fun. Here is the summary if you are still reading ..

Dot Adams — this is the story of Matt Adams, an eccentric young man who sees the world differently after awaken from a long sleep in coma. His views of the world are a little bit different like how he sees television as sucking up time from people and turning them into obedient zombies to slave their time towards a box of nothing, the amazing Internet providing people a way to connect quicker but not better as human beings, and how the whole world or just one person is in conflict depends on how one sees it. The story extends the imagination of Adams with stunning perspectives and perhaps some inspiring real life examples. Adams finds himself in a journey of conflicting virtues and discover something new with Julia, a florist who found Adams to be interesting and somewhat a kindred spirit.



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