Men, Women And Their Desires

Rabbits and their rabbit holes.

Well this is just an interesting but mythological way to explain men, women and their desires. It’s hard to explain the general view, so this is a very specific scenario for a select group of men and women for those who can relate in this story.

There was once a rabbit with a group of rabbit friends. Since young they have dreamt of growing up and then explore the great places that they have been dreaming all the time. Each rabbit hole is different from the other, and you could only know the difference when you finally arrive to one. Some call the rabbit holes an adventure, finding love, fulfilling lust, searching for success, looking for meaning in life, meeting happiness and many other things.

But every rabbit is different also. There are rabbits who enjoy hopping on different rabbit holes. The moment it arrived to one, it will jump in and then jump out. And that made that rabbit happy. So the rabbit repeatedly jump in and out like a happy rabbit.

But some other rabbits are different also. Some rabbits are comfortable when they finally found a rabbit hole that they are happy with. Most rabbits stick to their rabbit holes and make their lives there. But some of those rabbits might not be contended for very long and will try to stick out their heads from their rabbit holes and try to look at other rabbit holes nearby. They usually don’t do anything but when they do, then usually bad things happen in their own rabbit holes. Some of these rabbits eventually have to leave their rabbit holes and be left with no rabbit hole or have to try finding another.

While many rabbits are fortunate to find their rabbit holes when they are young, but some will find it when they become older. Some rabbits might be quite selective in their quest to find their perfect or ideal rabbit hole, but then realized it’s much harder unless you learn to accept that all rabbit holes are unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the rabbits will spot a nice rabbit hole from afar rather than the ones that are not so attractive which could be nearby. So these rabbits venture further, and hop even farther than other rabbits to explore those rabbit holes that are further away. But sometimes when they finally reach to the spot, they realized the rabbit hole is gone or disappeared. So these rabbits eventually have to adapt to their situation and find the remaining rabbit holes that are available to them.

But some could be very fortunate. Some rabbits jumped into a rabbit hole and found that the rabbit hole came with things that appeal to them. Some found happiness. Some found charm. Some found care. Some found love. Some found a big swimming pool and with a pot of gold. These rabbits instantly build walls around that rabbit hole so that other rabbits can’t get near it.

Rabbits and their rabbit holes. This is about meeting the right person or finding your life purpose. It’s people and their desires so complex but it could also be so simple. Whatever the rabbit hole, the rabbit could make the best out of it and find a way to make that rabbit hole a happy one. I hope this story doesn’t become too misleading and if you find it too confusing, then just treat it as a simple amusement. I wish you well in finding one and living with a happy one.

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