Weekend and Home

It’s home here.

So today I am back here after a long time. We started with weekends and very soon we will be spending more time here. And I am feeling like I’m adjusting. It’s not easy. And it feels weird. But it’s just part of life I guess. Its time to move again and this is probably one of the few times in my life time that I will have to literally start fresh to a physical location.

I am not alone. I cook. We eat. We talk. I wash the dishes. She dries it. And we watch some television. We sleep. We wake up. And we think about what we have for the day. Wether it’s spending the day together, or focus at work, come back after work, eat, rest, relax, cuddle, and etc. Then it repeats itself. But it changes sometimes. The tempo. The stress. The moods. The life situations. Then it changes again. Then it repeats.

Things changes all the time. But I think we are together now. As long as we are, I think that’s home. I am grateful for this being together. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you are home.

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