You Are What You Think Whole Day

It’s so easy to be distracted.

Distracted by so many different thoughts, emotions, conversations and ideas every single second, minute and hour in a single day. And what you let enter your mind and you let those thoughts to entertain your precious time, it’s actually important to your well being.

First, you might waste a lot of time spending on thoughts that are not helping you or others around you.

Second, whatever ideas or thoughts that you let entertain in your own head ultimately influence you on your futures decisions and emotions on that matter. In a way, you are like a pot of plant, and what kind of water that you would allow to be poured onto you will ultimate affect your growth. So simply put, you are what you think whole day.

If you worry today, then your a worrier
If you complain today, then you are a complainer
If you scheme today, then you are a schemer
If you gossip today, then you are a gossiper
If you dabble today, then you are a dabbler

If you are passionate today, then you a person with passion
If you are creative today, then you a creative person
If you are making things happen today, then you are maker
If you are thinking transformative ideas for the world, then you are a thinker or thought leader
If you are loving today, then you are a lover

You can choose what you want to become and what you want to think the whole day. And it starts from what you are thinking right now, the next moment and then it becomes the day, and then it becomes who you are.

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